User Guide

Seller Guide

Ticketbay secures your ticket transactions.

1. Safe Transaction Guarantee Service

  • Payment is safely secured in Ticketbay until the buyer receives the ticket.
  • Once the buyer receives the ticket and confirms purchase, the payment will be disbursed to the seller.

2. Member Authentication Service

  • Sellers can list and sell tickets after completing authentication.

3. Full Refund Service for Buyers

  • If the event has been canceled, Ticketbay will refund 100% of the payment to the buyer.
  1. 1. It's free to sign up and use our service.
    • Sign up, service fees and listing are all free.
    • Fees will be charged after a sale is complete.
  2. 2. No cancellation from buyers
    • Buyers cannot cancel the transaction after payment.
    • Experience safe ticket sales in Ticketbay.
  3. 3. No cancellation from sellers
    • Ticketbay provides a safe service to both sellers and buyers.
    • Sellers cannot cancel the transaction after buyers make payments.
    • If the transaction is canceled due to the seller's responsibility, the seller may be subject to sanctions such as restrictions for sales. Please be cautious when you list your tickets.

Please be careful when you sell.

Ticket Delivery Methods

  • Delivery methods differ depending on ticket types.

    1. Shipping Transaction

    • If countries for buyer and seller are different for paper ticket transaction, the ticket can be safely and quickly shipped using DHL global courier service
      How To use DHL
    • If the seller and buyer are in the same country, the seller should select a courier easy to use in that country and register courier information and tracking number after shipping.

    2. PIN Transaction(E-Ticket)

    • E-tickets other than paper tickets should provide information to the buyer for entering the event via PIN box in Ticketbay.

    3. Other tickets

    • For tickets that are not eligible for shipping or PIN transactions, the seller should fill out how to use the ticket and take all actions to ensure the buyer to access the ticket.

Settlement Methods

  • The amount of the payment by Paypal will be transferred to the seller 5days after the concert ends.

If you can't reach the buyer

  • If you need to contact the buyer, please contact Ticketbay help center by email.
  • Email: support@ticketbayglobal.com / Service available hours: Weekdays 09:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM
    (Korea time / Closed on weekends and holidays)

If confirmation is delayed after delivery

  • If the event of your offer ends and no inquiries are received from the buyer, Ticketbay will confirm the purchase in about 5~7 days.
  • If the purchase is not confirmed after that date, please contact our help center.